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We offer a living experience where residents can continue to celebrate their freedom and their connection to those that matter most, with a seamless transition into care if it’s needed.

Northbrook Wynyard Quarter care lounge

Whatever Support You Need, We’re Here

Caring is fundamentally about people. At Northbrook, our model of care is underpinned by building and encouraging strong relationships between residents, their families, and our team. We celebrate our residents as individuals, as people who have activities and daily routines, who have deep connections to friends, families and communities, and lives with meaning and substance. Our duty is to enhance our residents’ experience wherever we can, and to provide an environment that is safe, stimulating, and dignified. Your needs might change with time, but our commitment to caring won’t.

Commitment to Excellence

Northbrook Wynyard Quarter care terrace

Your Unique Needs

Northbrook offers an accommodation option to suit every resident. From fully independent living through to our specialised care and memory suites, everything is expertly designed to support your needs and help ensure a later life of luxury, comfort and security.

Independent Living

Live in total control as you would in any premium, highly sought-after address. Each Northbrook luxury private residence is spacious, intelligently designed and well-appointed with high quality material finishes and appliances.

Serviced Apartments

Specifically designed to help create a seamless and subtle transition from independent living to a more assisted lifestyle. Our Serviced Apartments include a range of support options, perfect for people living with age-related changes or health conditions.

Northbrook Suites

For those needing a higher level of care, our suites enable comfortable living coupled with hospital and rest home level care. A registered nurse is available to help coordinate your needs and medications, while our support partners are ready to assist with the essential activities of daily living.

Northbrook Wanaka care lounge

Extraordinary Service

People tell us they are looking for something different. There is a real demand for a later life offering designed to the highest international standards, and where independence, individuality and privacy are all deeply valued.

24/7 Support

Ultimately, caring is always about people, and at Northbrook we have built a highly engaged, empathetic and professional on-site team of qualified nurses and support staff, available to support you 24/7.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team is closely supported by a multidisciplinary team of outstanding medical professionals, including GPs, physiotherapists, podiatrists and dieticians. If and when needed, our support team are available to help manage your health.

Diversional Therapist

Staying connected to the people, communities and activities you love is hugely positive for your wellbeing. We offer a professional diversional therapist to help you remain engaged with your interests and passions, and to help you achieve any goals you may have.

Specialised Memory Support

We can help manage the transition into a dementia care environment with understanding, empathy and professionalism. Northbrook offers purpose designed memory support suites where residents will receive the highest level of dedicated care.

Culinary Focus

At Northbrook, premium, healthy nourishment is one of the most essential ingredients for good living, and quality is never compromised. Our menus have been designed to cater for different dietary requirements, and we’ll work with you and your family to ensure your needs and preferences are met.

Always Welcome

At Northbrook, we recognise the importance of friends and family and your relationship with them. You’re welcome to invite visitors whenever you like or if you need your family around you for support for any reason, then we offer options for them to stay on-site for short periods of time.

Luxury Later Living

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