The Art of Northbrook Life

Northbrook understands the need for true luxury later living, with the highest standards in services and facilities, and that’s exactly what our team is focused on providing.

Access to your own private marina from Northbrook Wynyard Quarter

“And they said you wouldn’t know what to do with all that freedom.”

From the Menu

Our restaurant menus are curated by our own National Executive Chef and are constantly evolving, along with the tastes and textures of the current season. We’re always exploring new dishes and flavours, celebrating classic and familiar ones, and pairing them all with exciting, award-winning local and international wines.

State of the Art Amenities

Everything at Northbrook is the result of deliberate design consideration, care and attention to detail. This kind of exceptional design thinking creates continual moments of delight, guarantees comfort, and makes for practical, easy living.

Luxury Later Living

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